Terms of Service


The following are the terms and conditions governing the use of use SHARED CORPORATE SOCIAL (henceforth SSC) and the application TRACKER, whose holder is SEM SEO Y MÁS ONLINE MARKETING S.L. (henceforth SS +). The acceptance of these terms implies that the client (henceforth User):

a. Has read and understood what it is stated here.

b. It is a person with capacity to contract.

c. Assumes all the obligations stated herein.

These conditions have an indefinite validity period and will be applicable to the service plan referred to in clause No. 3 of these terms. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THE TERMS OF THIS AGREEMENT, DO NOT ACCESS AND/OR USE THE SERVICE(S).

1. IDENTITY OF THE PARTIES The provider of the services contracted by the User is SEM SEO Y MÁS ONLINE MARKETING SL, established in C/Castillo de Atienza, 6, portal 2, Las Rozas (Madrid), CIF: B-86446705, registered in Registro Mercantil de Madrid, volume 29894, book O folio 98, section 8, page M537994, entry 1. The User is an individual or the legal representative of the organization for which the service is requested and registered on the website using a username and a password, for which has full responsibility of use and custody, being responsible for the veracity of the personal data provided to the provider.


SSC is a corporate social network with project management, which is opened to all the members of an organization, as well as suppliers, customers, partners, etc, to register upon invitation by the USER. TRACKER is an application associated to SSC for the use by the staff of the organization, previous download and individual authentication of each employee through username and password, which provides, both the worker and the company, information about the time spent on each project and the activity of the employee.


  • Business Plan. The company or professional can use SSC as a test during 30 days with access to TRACKER for two users. It will be provided of an access code by an SSC agent or supplier, or directly through a marketing campaign carried out by SSC.

Once finished the free trial period of 30 days, the User will be informed that must start paying the service covered by this plan to continue making use of SSC, which will entitle him to use TRACKER for two users. If you want to register more users in TRACKER, you can choose how many through the control panel, and the monthly cost will be adjusted automatically. All of this in accordance with clause number 4 of these terms. Adding or remove TRACKER users has to be managed through the control panel.

  • Special Plan. A SSC dealer or representative will explain to the user personally the advantages and features of SSC and TRACKER. The User interested in this plan will communicate his requirements related to the platform functionalities, and SS+ will make a previous functional analysis, after which, if accepted, will present a detailed proposal to the User.

Users who opt for this service plan must accept the proposal and these terms, as well as a payment order for the type of service contracted, in accordance with clause number 4 of these terms. Then, the User will obtain the access codes to register in SSC and TRACKER.

The User will select a username and a password, committing to make diligent use of them, and not to put them at the disposal of third parties, as well as to inform SSC about the loss or theft, or about the possible access by unauthorized third parties, so that it would proceed to immediate blocking.


SSC has established two service plans for each client to choose the one that best suits their needs whose price is indicated in the control panel. The specific details of the plans and the applicable prices will be shown before formalizing the hiring of the network and once hired, you can always consult the panel managing your user account.

The charge for each service plan is established in the form of monthly installments, which include taxes and fees applicable to each client, that will be charged at the end of the trial period, if such period is applicable, or once installed the service for the special plan. By using the service, the User authorizes SSC for the charge of the subscription fee, including applicable taxes and any other charges that may incur in connection with the use of the service. The subscription fee will be charged at the beginning and each renewal thereafter until the User requests the cancellation of the subscription.

Subscription will be automatically renewed for successive contributions without previous notice, unless the cancellation of the service is requested. Any request for cancellation must be formulated at least 5 working days before the automatic renewal, in order to avoid billing of subscription fees for the next period.

For the renewal of the subscription, the User will be sent an invoice with the corresponding subscription fee, including applicable taxes. The billing of each period will be invoiced on the day and month coincident with the beginning of the subscription. Fees and charges are nonrefundable, and there are no refunds or credits for partially used periods, or those in which the User had chosen to reduce service levels. In the event of changes in the rates of existing feesthe User will be informed 30 days in advance. If the User does not agree with the increase or extension of the current fees, he can choose to cancel the account during the current billing period at that time. If the User does not explicitly manifest the non-acceptance of the new fees, these shall apply in the following subscription period.


Services regulated by the present terms will begin with the express acceptance by the User, and will last indefinitely.

The User can request the end of the services by asking for the cancellation of the User account through the User administrator control panel. Any cancellation request must be formulated 5 working days before the automatic renovation, in order to avoid the billing of the next period subscription rates.

Such request will be considered effected the working day following to the reception of the request for the closure of the account by SS++, which will contact with the User to confirm its reception. Such cancellation request will not suppose the refund to the User of the amount corresponding to the remaining period until the expiration of the quota.

SS+ will terminate the service in the following cases: non-payment of the service by the User, any breach of these terms by the user, or breach of the current legislation by the User. The cancellation of the User account involves the deletion of all information and content published on Social Shared, both by the User and by other users who had added at the time.


The User agrees that he and other organization users will use correctly the software at their disposal, in accordance with these terms and the current legislation, since the published contents are responsibility of the users who originate them. The User assumes the responsibility to inform those users who invited to the network about the features and conditions of use of SSC and TRACKER, exonerating SS+ from this obligation or responsibility.

The User will be the sole responsible for providing use guides or manuals and any other document of internal use in the organization to the staff, so as to inform about the use by the organization of information related to the work activity of staff through SSC and TRACKER, and also about the obligation of each employee to use the software properly and respectfully with the mission, vision and values of the organization, as in the current legislation (personal data protection, society of information services, right to privacy…).


According to Organic Law 15/1999, 13 december, of Data Protection (LOPD), we inform you that the personal data you provide us will be incorporated to a personal file owned by SEM SEO Y MÁS ONLINE MARKETING S.L. for the sole purpose of managing the use of SSC and TRACKER services. We manage the Users data in the platform just to host the information in the social network and allow the interaction in the platform, according to the present terms.

SEM SEO Y MÁS ONLINE MARKETING S.L. has adopted the technical and organizational measures that guarantee the security of the personal data and avoid their alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorized access, taking into account the technology status, the nature of the data stored, and the risks they are exposed to, in accordance with the provisions of Royal Decree 1720/ 2007, of 21 December, which approves the regulations implementing the Organic Law of Personal Data Protection.

You can exercise the access rights, rectification and opposition by sending us an email to corporate@socialshared.net or by post to the following address:Avenida de la Estación 1, Planta 1. 29640 Fuengirola - Málaga

Additionally, SS+ informs the User that the personal data of other users (workers, suppliers, clients) incorporated to the corporate social network and the application are treated by SS + as DATA PROCESSOR (or DATA ADMINISTRATOR), according to the article 12 of LOPD, and assumes the fulfilment of the obligations in this respect, as specified below:

a. The DATA PROCESSOR commits to treat personal data according to the current legislation applicable in each moment, performing the necessary actions to develop the agreed services properly, and not to apply them or use them with any other purpose than the stipulated in these terms, or communicate them, even for its conservation to other people.

b. The DATA PROCESSOR is obliged to implement the technical and organizational measures which guarantee the security and integrity of the personal data included in the files owned by the RESPONSIBLE OF THE FILE, so as to avoid its alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorized access, taking into account the technology status, the nature of the data stored, and the risks they are exposed to, whether from human action, physical or natural environment. The security measures are those determined in the Royal Decree 1720/ 2007, of 21 December, which approves the regulation implementing LOPD, and those stipulated in the current legislation of application in each moment.

c. The DATA PROCESSOR is obliged by professional secrecy with regard to personal data and the duty to protect them. These obligations shall continue even after the completion of the service delivery. It is also obliged to keep under its control and custody the personal data, and not to disclose or transfer them, not even for its preservation.

d. Only DATA PROCESSOR employees who need access to carry out their functions in relation to the services will have access to personal data. The processor will reveal and demand the staff of the company who performs the services about the obligations contained in this contract, and shall inform such employees about the confidential nature of the information and its responsibility in case of disclosing it.

e. In the case of breach of obligations by theDATA PROCESSOR, he will be considered responsible and must respond of the infringements which it had personally incurred.

f. The rescission, resolution or termination of the present terms will require the DATA PROCESSOR to cancel personal data stored in their information systems. The DATA PROCESSOR will destroy the data, following the instructions of the FILE RESPONSIBLE, as well as any other support or document with personal data. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the DATA PROCESSOR may store the strictly necessary data, properly locked, while responsibilities for the provision of services may arise, and only for the period in which legal actions could be exercised. Once finished this period, the DATA PROCESSOR will destroy the information he may yet store.